Lead page or Business page


These websites normally 1-3 pages, about us page can be added. Map if needed. Free theme. Call to action form if needed.


Need an information page for your business? Some people use a call to action lead page. The lead page will lead to another e-commerce or Business site. These pages are great if you have a direct sales business like Avon or Tupperware. The page(s) will lead people to where they sign up or order something.

My Avon site is a great example. My site leads you to my Avon site. You can become a representative or buyer.


You could have a business page listing all your direct sales for one stop shopping

Stevi’s site is a great example:

Shop my Businesses

You could have a local business advertise what you offer:

Add a map if you like!

American made Yurts is good example Information about yurts and who to call to order


Let us know which site you want






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