I been an avid entrepreneur all my life. I started as a kid flea marketing with my parents. As I got older I flea marketed with spouses and friends. 1998 I got into dropshipping giftware. I needed a website for my gifts. I found out the hard way that I couldn’t afford to buy a website. What do you do if you can’t afford to buy a website? Learn to do your own web design. Back in the day, you were on your own there were not fancy site builders or fan pages. My husband decided to learn frontpage from Microsoft. Henry always been more technical then me. I am more artistic. Henry taught me frontpage we built websites.

I wanted to do more than sell giftware. I wanted to help others be entrepreneurs. I decided to build websites for others so everyone who could not afford a website now could afford one! Frontpage finally went to the end of life, so I decided to learn WordPress. Last 12 years I have offered WordPress sites along with Woo-Commerce.

I started on Mom’s Network working with moms that stayed at home. Stay at home moms want to make money, but their priority was their family. Budget is low starting out working at home. That’s why my prices are so low…I am not in it for a big sales guru. My goal is to allow everyone who wants a website to be able to afford one.

Prices of gas, food, and living has gone up….with Starlite 22 years later our websites are still starting out under a $100. Now you can get yours today!